Unlocking the Best Times to Carp Fish in France

Whether you are a seasoned angler or just starting out, understanding the optimal times of year to fish for carp in France can significantly enhance your chances of success. From the misty mornings of spring to the golden hues of autumn, France’s carp fishing seasons offer something for every angler.

Carp fishing in France is definitely a year-round pursuit and by understanding the seasonal patterns of carp behavior and adapting their tactics accordingly, anglers can maximize their chances of success regardless of the time of year.

Let’s delve into the nuances of when and where to cast your line for the ultimate carp fishing experience in France:


As the chill of winter fades away and nature comes alive, spring heralds the beginning of the carp fishing season in France. This period, typically from March to May, witnesses an awakening of activity among carp as they emerge from their winter lethargy. During this time, carp are eager to feed, replenishing their reserves after the colder months.

The months of March and April are particularly fruitful for carp fishing in France. As temperatures rise, carp become more active, seeking out food sources in preparation for the spawning season ahead. Anglers can capitalize on this feeding frenzy by employing a variety of tactics, including bottom fishing with boilies, or using PVA bags to present enticing bait combinations. Watch the water as much as possible scanning for jumping carp, or walk the banks looking for carp activity closer in – finding out where the carp are will massively increase your chances of success.

If you locate the carp and start catching well don’t be afraid to bait heavily, carp can get through a lot of feed at this time of year.

A misty spring morning on Molyneux carp lake
A misty spring morning on Molyneux carp lake


With the arrival of summer, carp fishing in France enters its prime. From June to August, the warm weather and longer daylight hours create ideal conditions for anglers.

Early mornings, late evenings and during the night are often the most productive times to fish during the summer months, as carp are more active during these cooler periods of the day. Really high day time temperatures can reduce the amount of oxygen in the water making the carp lethargic but the cooler temperatures will see them back on the feed.

Scan the water looking for signs of carp cruising on the surface – surface fishing with floating baits or zig rig tactics can also produce excellent results, especially in shallow waters where carp may be foraging for insects and other surface food.

Private carp lakes in France with accommodation
A glorious summer’s evening on Mas Bas Main Lake


As summer transitions into autumn, the landscape undergoes a transformation, with trees adorned in vibrant hues of red, orange, and gold. This season, between the months of September to November, marks another peak period for carp fishing in France. As water temperatures begin to cool, carp increase their feeding activity, gorging themselves to build up reserves for the approaching winter.

During the autumn months, carp can often be found congregating in deeper waters, where they seek out warmer conditions – anglers can capitalize on this behavior by targeting these areas. Look for natural features such as submerged weed beds, gravel bars, and marginal shelves.

Matt Linstead with a stunning French common carp
A stunning French autumn common carp .


As winter settles in, carp fishing in France presents a different set of challenges. From December to February, plummeting temperatures can make angling more demanding. However, for dedicated anglers willing to brave the elements, winter can still yield rewarding fishing. Locating the fish in these conditions becomes key as they will tend to move around the lake less. Constantly scan the water looking for any sign that might give away their location.

During the colder months, carp tend to feed less and adopt a more cautious approach to feeding, so opting for smaller, more digestible baits and fishing with greater precision to the deeper features is the way to go.

Big carp need to feed more than small ones so even in winter they will need to feed, so your chances of it being a bigger specimen if you do hook up are definitely greater.

winter carp fishing tips and tactics
Carp fishing in winter can definitely still produce results

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