Walking the Plank! – Building the Cabin at Glehias

Glehias Carp Lake have begun work on the Floating Island Cabin in readiness of the 2014 Season, here’s the latest update from Lee…

Hadn’t anticipated good weather at all for this weekend, so when the sun put his hat on and came out to play on Saturday, we changed the plans slightly to take full advantage.

First job on the docket was to set the last five oil drums into the timber rails under the platform that hold them in place, and as a back-up, each drum is also locked in and protected by the bottom of a perimeter handrail post.

Glehias Carp Fishing in France with Cabin

Looking out from the cabin

To insert the barrels and fit the posts, we turned the cabin to have the side we were working on face the bank; this meant untying it, pushing it out a little way, turning it and then pulling it back to the bank and retying it. Whilst doing this we couldn’t resist the chance to push the cabin out a little further just to see it sitting out in the lake for the first time!

Glehias Carp Fishing in France with Cabin

Photo opportunity while turning the cabin around

We also managed to get a good start on the decking making sure that all the power tool work was finished while we had the dry weather. Next week I will be able to finish the decking with just a few hand tools but hopefully it will be sunny again.

Glehias Carp Fishing in France with Cabin

A start on the decking

For more information on Glehias follow the link – French Carp Fishing


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