What month do carp spawn in France and why?

We answer your questions on carp fishing in France. This time round it’s all about when carp spawn in France…

Robert Fisher wrote: Can you tell me the average months that carp spawn in France?

This is a very difficult question to reply to as there are so many factors involved it is very difficult to predict. Lakes can spawn one month one year and another the next. In fact, weather conditions can mean it happens more than once.

When carp spawn all comes down to climate and water temperature – usually when the water temperature is rising. Much depends on the depth of the lake. For example a gravel pit like Lepinet North will take a lot longer to warm up than a shallower lake like Brie” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Brie.

The amount of sun the lake receives and other factors that effect water temperature such as springs, river inlets bringing fresh water in also make a difference.

As a general rule it is unlikely that the carp spawn in France before mid May, but the period can extend into June or even July on deeper more shaded gravel pits.

On particularly cool summers the fish might not spawn properly at all, indeed if this happens on a number of consecutive years it can even lead to fish deaths.

To plan an early season trip to avoid spawning then is not that easy and varies even on the same lake from one year to the next.

It also depends on where in France, for example the South with its warmer weather in general, will mean that the lakes down there in general spawn earlier in the year.

When do carp spawn in france
Carp spawning in France

On a trip to Vinçons years back I arrived during intense spawning and blanked for 48 hours. Then we had a thunder storm. In the next 24 hours I landed 48 carp most on just one rod so intense was the action.

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