Where to Buy Carp Fishing Bait in France Easily

So, now we have clarified that it is currently not possible to bring bait with you from the UK for your French carp fishing holiday (see more about that here) due to Brexit. We’d like to help offer some solutions on where to buy carp fishing bait in France.

99% of our lakes offer a selection of bait on site and of course this is the easiest option – just contact the lake owner in advance of your trip, place your order and it will be waiting for you on arrival. Simple. But, perhaps you want a specific brand or would prefer to buy it off-site. You then have two options…

a) call in at a tackle store or bait company on the way to your venue.


b) some select venues are allowing for deliveries to be made to the lake in advance of your trip (but not all, it is worth checking the ‘bait’ section of the venue page on our website).

Online Bait Delivery To French Locations

We know of two companies that allow you to order online for delivery within France…

1. Baitology.com

Baitology have said that is is very possible for them to send boilies to the relevant commercial water provided there is a complete address including contact person and phone number.

Go to the baitology website here.

2. Hexabaits

Hexabaits have set up a network of collection points throughout France, including ones close to all of the French ports. They also offer delivery to lakes and clearly market themselves towards UK anglers looking to solve their post-brexit bait issue.

Go to the Hexabaits website here

where to buy carp fishing bait in France
Once you have the bait sorted you can relax and enjoy the fishing France has to offer! Pictured is Lepinet, an incredible French carp lake with 60lb+ carp

4 big tackle stores in France

1. Pacific Peche

Pacific Peche has stores throughout France. They cater for all forms of fishing, but their carp fishing selection isn’t too bad either and they do stock a variety of boilies (Dynamite was one of the stocked brands the last time we checked).

You can make an order online and then choose to pick it up in store. We recommend this so that you know what you wanted is in stock and ready.

Go straight to their bait section here.
You can see a map of all their stores here.

2. Solar Tackle

Solar have 16 stockists in France. You can find a map and information for all locations on their website here.

3. Nash Tackle

Nash also have plenty of stockists in France and you can search by area code to find the closest store to your chosen venue here.

4. Decathlon

Decathlon might not be the first place you think of going for carp fishing bait. But you’d be surprised how many French anglers do source bait from here and there are certainly plenty of stores throughout France, making it an easy option. You can make an order online and then choose to pick it up in the store most convenient to your route to the venue.

Go straight to the bait section here.

old oaks 70lb carp lakes france
A 70lb common carp at Old Oaks

Now you know where to buy carp fishing bait in France, so discover our 48 incredible French carp fishing lakes here – Angling Lines Venues


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