Winter Carp Fishing – 4 Articles To Read

Whether you’re choosing a short session in the UK or crossing the channel to take your chances on a French carp lake, here are four articles offering plenty of hints and tips on carp fishing in the winter… 

1. Winter Carp Fishing Baits and Expert Tactics

This is the ultimate winter carp fishing bible, written by Tim Richardson. You’ll find everything you should consider when tackling cold weather carping here.

Winter Carp Fishing2. Nine Things You Need From A Winter Boilie

Nine top tips on choosing your cold weather carp fishing bait from Shaun Harrison. A few things to look out for which should help to improve your catch results. Read it here.

3. Seven Tips For Staying Warm On The Bank

Carp fishing in the winter can include long periods of inactivity and obviously it is important that you stay warm. This article includes some hints and tips on what to pack for your session. Read it here.

4. Handling Cold Water Carp

Carp are cold blooded, something you should consider when handling them in the winter. Shaun Harrison writes about the subject here.



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