Excellent Winter Carp Fishing in France!

For the brave ones who’ve crossed the channel in search of French winter carp there’s certainly been good rewards.

Ian Lewis & 3 mates have just had a great week at Vaux (17th – 24th January) taking 6 mirrors, 4 being in the 30s, biggest 38.07; 2 commons, biggest 21.06; and 7 pike, biggest 25lb.

Chris Dagg took advantage of owning a carp lake by putting in a short afternoon session at Notaires & he was rewarded with a 25lb pristine mirror. You can read his report here.

And finally, but definitely not least, how can we forget Troy McLeans 75.02 from Laroussi in mid November – catch report here.

Who says they don’t come out in winter!


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