Winter Season Chores Begin at Glehias

With the kids all back at school, the summer season comes to a close. There is a crispness to the morning air and the nights are already beginning to draw in. It’s definitely time to start on the end of season chores at Glehias.

The Lakes are always at their lowest levels at this time of year, dropping around 14” over the summer, so first on the list (the very long list!) of things to do is the reinstallation of ‘Goose Island’ on Lake William. The original island was constructed of banked earth and reeds against a wall of supporting struts, but over time the mounded earth has mostly eroded away along with the planting.

Glehias French Carp Fishing Lake Maintenance

The first task was to get the tyres up to Lake William; most of the family were roped in for this!

Having tried a couple of times to re-mound the island, we’ve gone for a different strategy this time using a mix of old tractor and car tyres as a foundation to hold everything together. With around 35 tyres in total, we are more than hopeful that this new tack will be successful.

Glehias Carp Lake Maintenance

Even got Tracy to swap the chef’s hat for a pair of waders to speed things up a bit!

Already over half way there, with about two thirds the marked area stacked and planted with reeds, iris’s and even a tree; the water levels have already begun to rise – almost an inch and a half over the weekend. We’re looking to get the rest done by next weekend. Let’s hope it doesn’t rain too much in between!

Gehias Carp Lake Maintenance

Saturday evening and we have 23 of the 35 tyres in place ready for planting.

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