New Lake Records at Glehias

Tracy and Lee own Glehias in France, a venue which consists of two lakes, one for carp (and some rather sizeable catfish!), the other for coarse fish. This is a paradise for small groups who want a French fishing venue exclusively to themselves with excellent facilities. Here is Tracy with an update from the first guests this season…

 The Kevin Wilson party were our first carp anglers at Glehias this year and what a week they had. The three lifelong friends had a week of run after run in glorious sunshine, and also broke a couple of Lake Records along the way!

The first Lake Record fish to hit the bank was a massive 63lb 8oz Catfish taken by Sean Startup on Monday 6th July; this was his second 60lb+ Catfish after landing a 61lb’er just the day before!  

The second Lake Record fish came on the same day as the big Cat and was a 31lb Grass Carp, but this one was a joined effort. An undetected Bream hooked by one of Mark KcCaffrey’s rods had secretly swum across one of Sean’s lines. Sean then got a run which turned out to be the big Grassie but the big confusing knot between the two rods caused by the Bream had to be played in by the two anglers at the same time; Mark bringing one of the lines in by hand!

This is the first time a Lake Record Award has been given to two anglers for the same fish, so we thought we’d play a little joke on the pair and tell them they had to share the award. Their faces were such a picture when we brought out two ½ sized personalised bottles of wine! We gave them each a well-deserved full sized bottle a few minutes later.

For the Records…  

Sean Startup takes home the Men’s Catfish Lake Record at 63lb 8oz – 6th July 2020, 10:05. 

Sean Startup and Mark KcCaffrey share the Men’s Grass Carp Lake Record at 31lbs – 6th July 2020, 21:36.

A staggering total of 50 fish were banked with a combined weight of 1162lb which included Carp to mid-40’s.

Brilliant angling chaps, well done.


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