Find Great Carp Fishing in France with Food Package

Is a food package one of your requirements when choosing a French carp fishing holiday? Here are 14 great lakes that offer carp fishing in France with food package.

We’ve split them up into two categories – bivvy lakes and also lakes that offer accommodation on site.

Bivvy Fishing Lakes

1. Granite Lake

A top quality lake that provides plenty of action! Seriously impressive stock, with carp reaching to over 60lb and over a dozen over 50lb. This lake sits in tranquil surroundings and is perfect for anglers seeking top quality fishing with peaceful surroundings.

Granite Lake provides excellent food packages including breakfast and a 2-course evening meal. The meals can be enjoyed at the lakes dining facilities or delivered straight to your swim on request.

Find out more about Granite Lake here – Carp Fishing in France

Tranquil Granite Lake

2. Sky Lake

Sky Lake is a 12 acre French carp lake that needs little introduction. After hosting Korda anglers for ‘Thinking Tackle’ back in 2012, Sky Lake as been cemented as a firm favourite for anglers looking to target big carp in France. The lake record currently sits at over 80lb!

The lake has an impressive head of around 600 carp. 300 of those are over 30lb, another 50 over 50lb and 10-15 now over the 60lb mark.

Sky Lake’s food package includes breakfast and/or evening meals. Food packages here are only available in the main season.

Find out more about Sky Lake here – French Carp Fishing

Sky Lake

3. Jonchery

Jonchery is a stunning 30 acre lake set in the heart of the Champagne region. This lake has a great reputation, stretching back many years, for offering superb carp fishing holidays. The carp here go to over 70lb, so this is very impressive fishing.

The lake bailiffs offer a full food package consisting of breakfast and evening meals.

Find out more about Jonchery here

carp fishing france with food package at Jonchery
The BBQ at Jonchery

4 & 5. Jonchery #7 & #8

Jonchery’s smaller brothers, these two lakes are designed for just two or three anglers to hire exclusively.

Jonchery 7 is regarded as a runs water with carp to over 60lb. It has just one large double swim so you have great access to all areas of the lake.

Jonchery 8 has the higher average weight with plenty of 40lb+ carp stocked to over 60lb, but perhaps provides slighly fewer runs than Jonchery 7. Another huge swim can accommodate up to three anglers comfortably.

The lake bailiffs offer a full food package consisting of breakfast and evening meals.

Find out more about Jonchery #7 here
Find out more about Jonchery #8 here

Carp Fishing France at Jonchery 7
Jonchery 7

6. La Fonte

If it’s runs action with hard fighting carp you are after, then this lake is definitely a candidate for your list. There’s a very decent number of 30lb+ fish here.

La Fonte is hired out exclusively and is ideal for up to 5 anglers sharing the 3 double swims that span one side of the lake.

The lake provides a full food package or you can opt in for a breakfast only or evening only package too. All provided by a local chef so the standard is high.

Find out more about La Fonte here – French Carp Lakes

La Fonte

7. Villefond

This is an 8 acre lake that really packs a punch! There are a number of 50 and 60lb+ carp here. If targeting large carp in beautiful surroundings is your goal then it’s definitely a venue that you should visit.

The lake offers carp fishing in France with a food package so you can concentrate on the fishing! All meals are delivered to your swim each day.

Find out more about Villefond here – Carp Fishing in France

Villefond carp

8. Villereal

This French carp fishing lake certainly ticks all the boxes, offering serious fishing for carp to over 60lb in a secluded setting. However, this lake sits to the edge of a holiday complex providing an impressive array of facilities that are simply hard to beat for non anglers too.

These facilities include free airport transfers, bar and restaurant on site, optional accommodation and swimming pool.

Find out more about Villereal here – Carp Fishing in France


Accommodation and Carp Fishing in France with Food Package

9. Bletiere

An exceptionally pretty exclusive venue, suited for up to 3 anglers and with lakeside accommodation sleeping up to 6. The 2½ acre lake sits in 16 acres of woods and fields, therefore giving you a sense of real seclusion.

The food package here is always commented upon by anglers, you have the choice of a full package of breakfast and evening meals or alternatively you can opt for breakfast or evening meals only.

Find out more about the venue here – Carp Fishing in France at Bletiere

Bletiere Lake, with the accommodation in the background

10 & 11. Eau De Vie North and South

Eau De Vie is a complex of two private French carp fishing lakes with food packages available. Both lakes come complete with their own lakeside cabin and outdoor seating and BBQ area too, so this the perfect place for a small social with friends.

Eau de Vie South is suited for up to 3 anglers to hire exclusively for the week and Eau de Vie North can accommodate up to 4 anglers.

A full food package is available here, consisting of a full English breakfast and two course evening meal (main and dessert). A selection of filled baguettes are also available to purchase during the day.

Find out more here:
Eau de Vie North
Eau de Vie South

Eau De Vie North

12. Mystique Lake

This is luxurious carp fishing in France. The lake is hired exclusively and provides a charming, high quality accommodation sleeping up to 12. The accommodation sits right on the banks of the lake which is suited for up to 8 anglers.

The lake has around 180-200 carp to over 45lb, with a great average weight in the mid 30’s. Fishing here is fairly straightforward, expect some memorable catches at Mystique. At the large wooden-clad lakeside accommodation you’ll also find a hot tub and a swimming pool, completely private to your party.

The food package offered is home-cooked and includes both breakfast and evening meals.

Find out more about Mystique here – Luxury Carp Fishing In France

Mystiques beautiful lakeside accommodation

13 & 14. Beau Lac North and South

A luxury complex which provides two private lakes and accommodation too. Beau Lac South is for up to 4 anglers with a lakeside cabin and Beau Lac North is for up to 2 anglers, with accommodation included up by the swimming pool.

The South lake currently holds carp to over 60lb (with plenty over the 40lb mark too) and the North lake holds carp into the high forties.

Lastly, a food package and bait to purchase is all available on site.

Find out more about Beau Lac here –
Beau Lac North – Carp Fishing in France with accommodation
Beau Lac South – Exclusive carp fishing in France with accommodation

Beau Lac carp fishing with food packages
Beau Lac South

Those were our venues for Carp Fishing in France with Food Package. See the rest of our French carp fishing venues here

Need the lake, the accommodation AND the swimming pool? Take a look at our list of venues with all of these facilities here


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