Best 10 French Carp Lakes With 60lb Carp

We’ve rounded up our best ten french carp lakes with 60lb carp that will give you a chance of banking a true monster (and for some, 70lb and 80lb carp too!)

1. Boux

Boux is a lake that has been around since the 1980’s, with an unfaltering reputation for producing big hard fighting carp – the current lake record sits at over 65lb. You hire the venue exclusively for the week for up to 5 anglers and the setting is incredible, secluded and quiet within the Morvan Natural Park.

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boux big french carp lakes
Boux Carp Lake France

2. Villefond

This water contains loads of 40lb+ carp, with a lake record now standing at over 80lb! At 8 acres it comfortably accommodates up to 6 anglers on the choice of 7 well designed swims.

With experienced bailiff Mark to help point you in the right direction and a little thought to your angling, there are massive rewards to be had! There’s also the option of a food package which gets great reviews. This is one of the best French carp lakes with 80lb carp.

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Huge 80lb Carp at Villefond
Villefond, home to 80lb+ carp

3. Laroussi

Celebrated French angler Mehdi Daho really has created a carp angler’s paradise here – Laroussi holds more than 50 different forties, over 25 different fifties, 6 different sixties and 3 different seventies.

The 15-acre lake is designed for up to 7 anglers (or 8 if booking the lake exclusively).

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Laroussi Big Carp Fishing in France
Laroussi Big Carp Fishing in France

4. Old Oaks

The smaller sister to Laroussi, Old Oaks is arguably the very best small lake exclusive available for those looking for big carp. The vast majority of carp residing in this 5-acre lake are 30lb+ with many different 40’s and 50’s including the magnificent long common which is the lake record at over 75lb. The lake is hired exclusively for groups of up to 5 anglers.

As a result of this lake’s careful management by owner and well respected French angler Mehdi Daho, Old Oaks is simply renowned as one of the best French carp lakes with 70lb + carp.

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old oaks huge carp france
Old Oaks Big Carp Lake

5. Berniere

27 acre gravel pit Berniere hold plenty of very impressive big carp to over 64lb in its crystal clear waters. This is an interesting lake with plenty of features and because of this it will ask questions of anglers but you can be sure the effort is well worth the rewards.

Berniere strikes the balance perfectly – it’s a big natural lake that doesn’t feel too commercial but still provides a very warm welcome with comfortable swims and facilities.

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Berniere Carp Fishing Lake France
Berniere – for those that want a challenge with high rewards

6. Jonchery

Another lake with a long reputation for providing first class carp fishing holidays, Jonchery is around 30 acres in size and holds carp to over 70lb, including many hand picked for their incredible scale patterns.

All six swims here are good doubles and you book them in advance. The facilities are very good, there’s a food package available and also a kitchen if you prefer to cater for yourselves. This is one of the top french carp lakes with 60lb carp.

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Jonchery french carp lakes with 60lb carp
Jonchery carp lake in France

7. Beaurepaire

Probably one of the most convenient big carp waters in France, Beaurepaire sits a very easy 2hrs 30 drive from Calais and holds carp to over 68lb.

At 7 acres, the lake can take up to 6 anglers (or 8 if booked as a lake exclusive for your group). There are also some big catfish here at well over 80lb, therefore we recommend you take strong tackle.

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Beaurepaire, big carp lake close to Calais
Beaurepaire, big carp close to Calais

8. Lepinet

Lepinet is a mature 34 acre lake holding carp to over 63lb and an incredible head of carp at over 40lb. One week saw 22 x 40lb+ carp to a group of five anglers over a week.

The swims here are well spaced, mainly doubles with a few single swims to each end.

For booking purposes is split into two venues – Lepinet North and Lepinet South, each covering 17 acres of water. A floating boom across the centre of the lake defines each half and marks the furthest point to which you can cast from your side. The carp of course move freely across the whole of the lake.

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Lepinet french carp lakes with 60lb carp
Lepinet carp fishing in France

9. Blue Lake

You can expect some seriously arm aching action from hard fighting carp here, with the biggest carp now going to over 67lb. This is a French gravel pit with loads of features to fish to and plenty of depth.

It strikes a good balance of big carp but also with a reasonable level of difficulty – we send many groups of mixed experience and ability, Blue Lake tends to produce for all with a little thought to your angling.

A maximum of 8 anglers (10 if booked exclusively) have the choice of 11 swims; 10 of these being big doubles, so groups can be very sociable but without feeling hemmed in.

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Blue Lake in France

10. Vaumigny

Vaumigny is home to huge carp, catfish AND sturgeon, so this venue is not for the faint hearted! Anglers who favour wild and natural lakes will find themselves right at home.

You prebook your swims and a maximum of 17 anglers can fish on 15 swims (including two doubles). Vaumigny is a French carp lake with 60lb+ carp, 100lb+ sturgeon and 160lb+ catfish, therefore we recommend you go prepared with good quality tackle.

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Vaumigny big carp lake France
Vaumigny big carp lake France

These were just some of our french carp lakes with 60lb carp, see all of our lakes over on our website – Carp France

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