New Lake Records at Glehias

Tracy and Lee own Glehias in France, a venue which consists of two lakes, one for carp (and some rather sizeable catfish!), the other for coarse fish. This is a paradise for small groups who want a French fishing venue exclusively to themselves with excellent facilities. Here is Tracy with an update from the first […]

Going Equipped for Big Catfish

Targeting monster catfish? Make sure you have the right tools for the job… Last year, I was fortunate to attend Catmaster Tackle’s annual social at Oakwood Park Lakes, in Norfolk. As an out-and-out carp angler, I figured – like many before and since – that, with a few tweaks here and there, my existing kit […]

Villefond 2018 Highlights

With the 2018 season coming to an end we thought we could write a small piece to touch on some of the great things over the year. Firstly we would like to thank everyone that came to fish at Lac Du Villefond and spent time in our little slice of carpy heaven. 2018 as always […]

A New Lake Record Catfish at Molyneux

There have been some very big Catfish caught recently at Molyneux. The first of these was a New Lake Record of 87lb 10oz and was caught by Nick Syms… I was fortunate to be alongside Nick when he got the take and have to admit to being impressed that he managed to get it in at […]

0 – 88 In 30 Minutes At Notaires Lake

After almost nine years and many snapped off anglers, Jess from Morley is the first angler to bank the Notaire’s elusive catfish setting a new lake record. Our Facebook comments show that many anglers have fond encounters with the cat. Jess came to Notaires targetting the uncaught catfish and fished using a giant 50mm home […]


When Pat Gillett isn’t in France fishing for carp you’ll find him bankside at a number of English rivers. Here’s his September diary so far… Tuesday 2nd September – Upper Trent Back to a stretch I had not fished since the start of the season. Once again I wanted a swim which was flat and […]

Molyneux’s Biggest Cat Comes Out

Regular guest Steve Moore, has just broken the Catfish record at Molyneux with a chunky beast of 78lb. Steve previously held the catfish record at 69lb 10oz, until earlier this year when Paul Fairman topped that with a 75lb specimen. Upon his return to the lake Steve said Jokingly that he was back to reclaim […]

Pat Gillett’s August 2014 Fishing Diary

When Pat Gillett isn’t in France fishing for carp you’ll find him bankside at a number of English rivers. This time he’s turned his rod to a nearby Estate lake. Here’s his diary so far… With the rivers still being very low and clear and the weather still being very warm, I decided to give […]

New Lake Record Catfish at Molyneux

It seemed to be the night of the big cats last night (August 4th) with two being caught almost simultaneously. Barry in Barn landing a 56lb catfish around 11.30-12pm, whilst at the same time Paul in Stones was battling his own demon in the shape of another monstrous cat… This one led him a merry […]

Bill and Linda’s Excellent Adventure at Glehias

Arriving at Glehias lakes at mid-day in very warm, very humid conditions, we met Tracy at the Farmhouse who offered us drinks and then took us for a look around the 2 lakes in the heart of the Breton countryside. The first lake, the big fish lake “Lauren”, named after Tracy and Lee’s daughter, looked […]

My first few weeks of the 2014 River Season

When Pat Gillett isn’t in France fishing for carp you’ll find him bankside at a number of English rivers. Here’s his diary so far… I had three trips in June, two to two different stretches of the Upper Trent and one to the Dove. These were pretty uneventful really, with just a chub of 4lb […]

Grass Carp Spawning

Went down to see how our anglers were getting on yesterday afternoon and had the pleasure of watching Bill bring a stunning Grass Carp in to the bank. Bill had said at the start of the week that he’d never caught one before and would really love to hook into one of our Grassies. Your […]

Monsters From The Deep!

Peter Holgate and Mark Morgan fished Glehias last week and witnessed the strangest behaviour of Lake Lauren I have ever seen. The Cats and the Carp literally split the lake in two!  The Carp took to the shallows whilst the Catfish took over the deep end. On arrival, Mark said that he would like to land […]

How to use the Elips Pellet for Barbel Fishing

The humble trout type pellet has caught thousands of big barbel throughout Great Britain for as long as I can remember. Pellets comes in all shapes and sizes and have names like, high oil, carp pellets, Marine pellets, halibut pellets,etc. All are brilliant for catching barbel but usually the main problem that we have is […]

Vaumigny’s Giants

Sturgeon certainly aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. However, if you do fancy the chance of catching a truly monster sized one, Vaumigny is the place to go. This one was caught in Swim 2 last month. Thankfully the lake also holds some seriously impressive carp too if sturgeon aren’t your thing. The mirror below was […]

A New World Record Tench?

As far as we’re aware we could well have a new world record on our hands thanks to Jason Gardiner, who fished Laroussi this month. He landed this whopping 15lb 4oz tench beating the current record by just 1 oz!  It was part of a 52 fish catch between himself and a friend sharing the swim. Great […]